‘Help to Grow‘ Scheme

5th March 2021

The Chancellor has introduced a new ‘Help to Grow’ scheme for UK businesses. Decision makers or members of the senior management team in a business should consider this, as it will help them to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Reach new customers
  • Boost profits

UK businesses from any sector that have been operating for more than 1 year, with between 5 to 249 employees are eligible.

The scheme is particularly useful for business owners or senior business members who are wary of falling behind in the digital world. It will allow them to ‘move with the times’ on a programme that allows them to develop their strategic skills with key modules covering:

  • Financial management
  • Innovation
  • Digital adoption

By the end of the programme, these senior business members will have developed a tailored business growth plan to help lead their business to its full potential.