<b>Dina Bhudia</b> Director
Dina Bhudia

Dina Bhudia Director

About Dina Bhudia

Dina is the CEO and founder of P2M

Dina set up P2M over 15 years ago having worked as a Top Financial Advisor at a major high street bank. She has grown a strong team of Advisors and encouraged a client centric business model and Leading the team over rather years.

She takes pride in client relationships and making clients dreams come true. Over the years she has encouraged clients to increase their wealth through Property and ensured it is Secured with bespoke planning.

Investors has a trusted relationship with Dina as she is well renowned in the Property and Finance Industry

Dina is an influential person in the community and the charitable world with trusted relationships with like minded Professionals providing a turn-key solutions to meet the clients needs. As a Business women she encourages business people to secure their business as well as their families and ignites the topic os succession planning.

She has received multiple Awards over the years and is integral to Empowering Women in Finance. She is part of the Steering Group of Diversity and Inclusivity Finance Forum advocating change through her experience and trailblazer conversation. Dina has written may Articles for Industry and Community magazines. Providing sound knowledge and awareness.

In her limited spare time she is heavily involved in the charity sectors. From educating youth, running food banks, assisting council on community engagement. In 2019 Dina was a Team Leader and participant in RickShaw Run raising over £250,000 to build a Cochlea Implant centre for Children in India. In 2019 to date she is a Regional Coordinator for Covid 19 and Spearheads liaison between Government/Council and local community.

<b>Switesh Madhaparia</b> Sales Director/ Mortgage and Protection Advisor
Switesh Madhaparia
Sales Director/ Mortgage and Protection Advisor

Switesh Madhaparia Sales Director/ Mortgage and Protection Advisor

About Switesh Madhaparia

Switesh joined P2M in December 2015 and has previously acquired 2 years of experience in advising clients on their mortgage needs through Santander. Having access to the whole market now, Switesh has rapidly gained knowledge and understanding in all lending scenarios and built good rapport with all our valued clients.  He particularly enjoys growing clients by building their portfolios be that via a personal or limited company route. By giving quality advice to his clients, he has built a loyal client bank and loves nothing better than to receive quality referrals from them. In addition to mortgages, Switesh provides excellent advice on a wide range of insurance polices such as life insurance & critical illness protection. He explains the policies in detail and provides that peace of mind ensuring his clients are protected should the worst happen.

Switesh is happily married with 2 children. His family life takes most of his spare time, through clubs, sports or other activities and he would never have it any other way.

<b>Manisha Mepani</b> Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Manisha Mepani
Mortgage & Protection Advisor

Manisha Mepani Mortgage & Protection Advisor

About Manisha Mepani

<b>Govind Bhudia</b> IT Director
Govind Bhudia
IT Director

Govind Bhudia IT Director

About Govind Bhudia

<b>Manisha Dudhia</b> Head of Operations
Manisha Dudhia
Head of Operations

Manisha Dudhia Head of Operations

About Manisha Dudhia

Manisha joined P2M in 2015 and comes from the financial background. Her expertise in office management and the logistics of the banking industry ensures to keep the daily operations of the business running smoothly and efficiently.

Her expertise lies in all areas of the business including mortgages, general insurance and sales and lettings and her always ready to assist nature ensures a pleasant experience when liaising with clients and lenders. She always believes in great customer service.

Manisha who originates from Kenya, enjoys cooking for her family and friends, spending time in the wilderness, and giving back to the community in whatever little way she can.

<b>Premila Hirani</b> Insurance Coordinator
Premila Hirani
Insurance Coordinator

Premila Hirani Insurance Coordinator

About Premila Hirani

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